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The world is currently experiencing an unprecedented number of eyes turned to social media. As such, your company’s social media visibility is more important than ever before. The right social media presence with current content will grow both your business and your bottom line. We want to help you meet this challenge. We create media that not only grabs the attention of your followers but compels them to share that content with others. 
How is this accomplished? Our social media postings are all 100% original content created by our talented filmmakers and photographers. We engage your target audience by designing media reflective of their browsing habits and use it to get them excited about what your business has to offer. Our dynamic, high-quality content entertains and informs your existing followers on top of showcasing your business to potential new clients and customers. The content we design and produce makes viewers want to stop, read, watch and listen to your postings as well as to share them with others bringing you measurable results!


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What you get with all of our packages


  • Initial meetings to determine your current level of social media and business needs and details
  • Up to 35 social media postings monthly for your social media platforms
  • A Vimeo gallery for viewing, archiving and downloading all videos created.
  • All videos created are uploaded to your YouTube channel.
  • SEO boost with effective metatags added to all the content we create.
  • A gallery of videos on your website.
  • Strategic planning to make sure all posts are as effective and engaging as possible.
  • Data Analytics of the visits to your social media pages


Fr. Vincent Bresowars 

This social media video was used to help raise over $1.8 million to build a larger church for their growing congregation. In 6 months!

Eric the Choir Director 

From South Eastern Massachusettes Festival Chorus sent in an email sent to choir members:” Don’t forget to share each video on Facebook to really spread the word about SMFC!  A very special  “Thank You” to Shawn Mills from My Biz Media for recording the concert.  I think the footage and audio are spectacular, and I’m so glad to have such  good quality recordings to use on our Social Media platforms!”

Social media content video samples


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