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We Are My Biz Media

The expression, ‘you get what you pay for’ is not true with us…our clients have been getting more since 1993!


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This is what every consumer wants to know first, so we put it first for your convenience! We keep it simple. We encourage price shopping. We are confident that with our services across the board, you can expect quality and a great price. Not to mention we work as a team with your needs in mind!


Why custom photos vs stock photos?

Generic photos look generic. Our photos not only look great, but they also personalize the website, cards, brochures, and social media. It looks more professional and separates our clients from their competition. The photo below is a good example of a photo from IStockPhoto (white background) VS a photo taken at the actual salon of staff hairdressers. 

All photography includes editing. Extra charges may apply for re-shoots, and re-edits. An additional small fee may apply for travel over 2-hour (round trip).





Videos are one of the most effective marketing tools you can use. They grab the viewer’s attention, and studies prove that they produce a much higher retaining rate. In addition, we get our videos listed higher with search engine optimization. 

A well-prepared pre-production meeting = less shooting time = money saved! We provide a  free consultation meeting, to put together the best approach posable. With careful planning, your video will deliver the best points needed, providing the results you need!

Cisco forecasts massive growth in online video traffic

PenMost of the writing services provided for our clients don’t exceed 3 hours.

When writing less is more! It’s a challenge and imperative to keep people on your site. We can help!



Apps Web-based applications can encompass any idea or business models, such as an employee scheduler, e-commerce or media-driven event calendar. We can develop any number of applications that will help you to communicate and maintain a positive relationship with customers and clients. We empower your data and leverage technology to make your data work for you.





What makes your websites stand out from the competition?

Most web developers either know backend or design. Not only do we make sure the backend of the web development is bulletproof, but our design also incorporates custom photos, unlike most web designers who are known for buying generic industry-related photos.  We make sure all the sites we currently build will work perfectly on all mobile devices.

seo-smallSEO (search engine optimization)

We make sure the part of your site that knows one sees is kept current with all the goodies that search engines like, so your site can be found. We also use photos and videos as an SEO tool. We title the photos in such a way so they can be found. As for the videos, we upload to over 30 companies like YouTube with the correct meta-tags. Our methods provide results. We can also teach you how Blog writing will help as well.

brandingCustom Logo Design & Page Layout can usually range from $100.00 – $500.00

We will work tirelessly on your logo design to ensure that you have a wide variety to choose from so you will be completely satisfied with the end result.

How important is Branding?

We can’t stress the importance of branding enough. We often design our clients the most appropriate logo and have them use the same colors and logo on everything.

checklistMarketing consultation.  All our services include a free consulting visit. We can get a lot covered in just one hour!

We work with your team to create effective solutions that are viable for today and sustainable for the future. We work to understand the mechanics of your business so that innovations fit budgets, personnel capacity, and accentuate your business strengths – set to time horizons that are aggressive but accomplishable.


Online marketing including tools for social media, stat reports, automated email campaigning and more.

Event marketing is not what you would expect. We help create an event or attend an event you already have planned. We photograph the event and take as many group photos as possible. You can either sell the photos or provide them as a gift for attending your event. To view and download the photos the guest will visit your site to receive them. Based on our past experience, for every 100 photos taken, you can expect over 500 different computers visiting your site. This form of marketing is more effective than any paid form of advertisement. Please call for pricing.

We don’t have an office or employees. We are a group of friends, all experts in our fields, working together to help businesses experience growth. You can pay the separate fees that come along with hiring several different businesses, or have My Biz Media help you with all your media and marketing needs for much less.

When choosing My Biz Media, it’s like having all your doctors in one office, with your specific needs in mind. We don’t sell you on our well-produced videos, photos, websites, etc, we analyze your business and provide effective marketing assistance that notably increases your bottom line. We just happen to provide customized high-quality media marketing tools that work!

Why we feel our work is effective.

We start by asking how we can exceed the goals and needs of our clients. Taking a psychological approach is the most effective way to best grab the attention of the targeted audience.

Why Use My Biz Media?

We know how to create prestige while providing excellent service and unbelievable results! We truly know what we are doing and aim to exceed the client’s expectations by over 100%.

Meet Our Team

Shawn Mills
Shawn Mills

Media Mogul

Shawn founded the company back in 1993. He specializes in videography, photography and design. He lives in Somerset, with his wife and three kids. The satisfaction of knowing he is fair and genuine with his clients, allows him to confidently rest his head at night. This isn't just a business to him.

Kent Fuller
Kent Fuller

Web Developer

Kent is a web developer in Mystic, CT. He started designing websites as a college hobby in 2003 and has self-taught his way to a full-time freelancing career. His strengths also include internet marketing and hosting/domain accounts. Kent's priority is ensuring customer satisfaction through solidifying a strong online presence for the client's business.

Richard Couse
Richard Couse

Creative Writer

Born and raised in Massachusetts, Rich is a creative writer/editor who specializes in content and imagery that focuses brand identity into irresistible, razor sharp clarity. He has been a private investigator, grant writer, musician, mentor, wildlife photographer and a biologist. He has climbed in the Swiss Alps, survived being stranded in the Sonoran desert and lived with Native Americans on the shores of the Sea of Cortez. He now lives in Amsterdam, Netherlands where he advocates for endangered wildlife and habitats through research, stewardship, education, photography, art and the written word.

Suzanne Dwyer
Suzanne Dwyer

Executive Marketing & Certified Life Coach

Suzanne launched her own marketing firm in April 2007. Her primary focus is to offer affordable marketing options. Suzanne has now worked with hundreds of companies creating branding, high exposure, lead generation and overall sale increases for her customers. Most customers have seen their revenues triple. With her coaching, business to truly succeed. Suzanne works with you to guide you on your journey to self-discovery and lead you to a fulfilling life!

Nicola Bagnoli
Nicola Bagnoli

programmer, SEO & Apps

Nick comes from a diverse background with degrees in both Fine Arts and Computer Sciences. Nick's range of skills covers art, programming, 3D design, and motion graphics.

John Maciel
John Maciel


John lives in Fairhaven, MA with his wife and two boys. Experienced, versatile photographer and videographer with an eye for unique photography of all kinds. John enjoys providing high quality images that often exceed the clients expectations.

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Owner Shawn Mills

149 Chace Street, Somerset, MA 02726

P: 508.679.1677 (accepting text messages)

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